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Tools and Add-ins for Caliper® Maptitude®

Caliper's Maptitude product is a fully featured GIS system tailored to business users. This site hosts an extensive set of pages describing Maptitude's features and how to use them.

Our range of tools and add-ins for Maptitude are described below. We are also available to write custom solutions that incorporate Maptitude. Contact us with your specific requirements. We are also available to port existing scripts and add-ins from Microsoft MapPoint to Maptitude.

MileCharter for Maptitude

Table of distances between some major European cities

Do you need to calculate large numbers of route distances, travel times, or route costs between many locations in Caliper Maptitude? For example, you might need to calculate the costs to charge your customers by servicing them from particular specific. Or perhaps you need a distance table like that found in a road atlas?

If so, then MileCharter can solve your problems. MileCharter is designed to batch-calculate mileage tables and charts in Maptitude. Output can be in the form of distances, travel times, and/or cost estimates. All of Maptitude's routing options are supported, including a wide range of road types and speeds. MileCharter can also report only the closest destinations, or those that are within a specific distance or travel time. The resulting tables can be written to a Microsoft Excel workbook, or a text file.

See the MileCharter for Maptitude pages for further details and a free trial download.

MPCluster for Maptitude

MPCluster for Maptitude

MPCluster is a cluster analysis tool for Caliper Maptitude. MPCluster finds clusters (groups) in Maptitude point and area data layers. Cluster sizes can be determined in a number of ways including minimum/maximum number of component data points, and maximum cluster radius. In contrast to the MapPoint version, the Maptitude version supports two different clustering algorithms: K-Means and Hierarchical. The resulting clusters can be drawn as new map layers. Your input data can be colored according to its cluster allocation by using a joined data view. Cluster allocations can also be written our to Microsoft Excel.

See the MPCluster pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Note: MPCluster has a minimum requirement of Microsoft .NET 4.0, and Caliper Maptitude 2014.

MPMileage for Maptitude

MPMileage for Maptitude

MPMileage is a batch mileage computation tool for Caliper Maptitude. Unlike MileCharter, MPMileage works as a standalone program that reads point-to-point routes from a database. Results are written to the same database. Supported databases include Microsoft Access, SQL Server, ODBC connections, Microsoft Excel, and Maptitude data views.

MPMileage supports all of MapPoint's routing options. Start and end locations can be specified using pushpins, street addresses, or geographic coordinates.

See the MPMileage pages for further details and to download a free trial.


MPExporter is an add-in for Microsoft MapPoint that can export your user data directly into a Maptitude® MAP file. It can also export user map data into KML files, web pages, or SVG files.

See the MPExporter pages for further details and to download a free trial.

Note: MPExporter has a minimum requirement of Microsoft .NET 4.0, and Microsoft MapPoint 2006.