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Geospatial Tools and Add-ins

Support for the products sold on the website can be found from the following sources:

Winwaed Software Technology LLC Products

Winwaed Software Technology LLC wrote the following Maptitude-based products:

Winwaed Software Technology LLC wrote the following MapPoint-based products:

Winwaed Software Technology LLC also wrote the Ultra Mileage system, and MileCharter Mobile android app.

We also own and operate the website. Contact us directly using the Contact Form or Email, for support for the above products.

Third Party Products

We also sell a number of products written by other companies. You should approach these companies for support for these products:

Pushpin Tool
We no longer sell Pushpin Tool. All support requests should be sent to Support PC (Pushpin Tool's author) using their Contact Page. You should also contact Pushpin Tool for new registry license keys.

Support for Caliper® Maptitude®

Users wishing to get support for Caliper Maptitude itself, should try Caliper's own website and contact form.

Support for OpenStreetMaps

OpenStreetMaps is a community-built map system. This means that if you find a problem in one of their maps, you can go ahead and fix it yourself! See the official OpenStreetMap website for further details.

Support for Microsoft® MapPoint®

Microsoft withdrew support for MapPoint in Summer 2015.