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Export Microsoft MapPoint Route Waypoints

MPRouteWriter: Guided Tours

A guided tour of MPRouteWriter's features and benefits can be found on the official MPRouteWriter website. The tour covers the following subjects:

Introduction to MPRouteWriter

How to use RouteWriter to export route waypoints and their matching pushpins to Microsoft® Excel® whilst preserving their route order.

How to write rest stops

How to include MapPoint-generated rest stops in the MPRouteWriter output.

Writing different data fields

How to include pushpin data fields and data types in the output with their corresponding waypoints.

How MPRouteWriter handles duplicate pushpins

Describes and gives examples of how MPRouteWriter handles pushpins with duplicate names. Also describes how to get the correct result when duplicate names are present; and how to get the best performance when pushpin names are guaranteed to be unique.

Using MPRouteReader to create routes

Introduction to MPRouteReader. Describes how to use MPRouteReader to create a route from pushpins, sorting the resulting waypoints in a pre-determined order. MPRouteReader is included as a standard part of MPRouteWriter.

How to create a route from a sub-group of pushpins

Describes how to use MPRouteReader's group function to create a route from a subset of pushpins from the specified pushpin set.

Using complex groups with MPRouteReader

Describes advanced group usage within MPRouteReader. Describes how to include a pushpin in multiple groups, and how to create a single route from multiple groups.

Free Trial

Click here to download a free trial of MPRouteWriter. This is a free trial version that will last for 14 days, and must be registered if you wish to use it beyond this period. MPRouteWriter licenses can be purchased for US$75.

The MPRouteWriter documentation is also available online at the official MPRouteWriter website.

Please use our contact form for MPRouteWriter support.