Writing to a Text File

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MPRouteWriter can export the route information to an Excel spreadsheet or a text file. This is controlled by the Output Route to setting. Most of the examples in this help file set this to Excel Spreadsheet because spreadsheets tend to be easier for humans to read. However, other computer programs, other spreadsheets, and scripts usually prefer text files.


MPRouteWriter can be set to write a text file by changing the Output Route to option to either Text File (comma separators) or Text File (tab separators). Setting either of these options will result in a new button (Select File) and filename (Output File) appear.





Press the Select File button to display the standard Windows file selection dialog box. Use this to specify the required output file. A confirmation warning will be given if you choose a text file that already exists.


The two text file options simply differ in the separator character that is used. You can choose between a comma (',') or a tab (horizontal tab ASCII code 9).


All data fields in the text file are surrounded by double quote (") characters. This ensures that tabs and commas in the data fields are properly encoded and do not cause data fields to be incorrectly split. New lines follow the DOS/Windows convention and are marked with CR/LF characters, rather than the Unix convention of a single CR character.


The other MPRouteWriter options are described on the Running MPRouteWriter page, and there is also a Walkthrough Example.