Selecting a Group of Pushpins

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As well as creating a route from all the pushpins in a pushpin set, it is possible to create a route from a sub-group of pushpins within a pushpin set. A pushpin set typically contains multiple groups, and a single pushpin can be a member of multiple groups. This allows for multiple routes to be imported using the Data Import Wizard at the same time, and for these routes to share waypoints.


Groups are identified with a text name. The pushpin set should contain a text data field with this name. This data field can contain multiple group names, but these must be separated by commas. Here is an example input data with the group defined in a column called 'Groups':





The above example defines three groups: A, B, and C. 'J.Smith' and 'R.Long' are both members of two groups. Group 'C' has only one member.


Enable the group functionality by selecting the Restrict waypoints to a group checkbox. This will enable the controls in the Waypoint Groups frame, and list the available text fields in the Data field containing the group names list box. Select the data field with the group names, and the group lists will be filled.




Select the required group from the Choose the required group(s) list. Note that you can select more than one group if you wish. The list of groups is created by scanning the pushpin set that has been selected. You must select at least one group. Selected groups are displayed with the standard Windows dark blue highlight (as above).


It is also possible to define the start and/or end waypoints as being from specific groups. For example, you could add your sales office as a group with one pushpin. This can then be selected as both the start and end waypoint using the Set Start Waypoint and Set End Waypoint checkboxes and lists. It is possible to select different start and end waypoints, eg. for a salesperson who travels from one hotel to another. The above example uses group C to define the end point. Typically the start and end waypoints should use groups that contain only one pushpin. If a multi-pushpin group is specified, then the entire group will be used and internally sorted according to the waypoint order settings.


Group names are case sensitive, ie. "Bert" is different to "bERt". In the interests of speed, the comparison used for group names is a simple "does it contain". This means that a selected group "bert" would match a group name of "Robert".