Running MPRouteReader

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MPRouteWriter consists of two panels. The MPRouteWriter panel is used to write route data to an external destination (eg. Excel). The MPRouteReader panel is used to create a route from pushpins in a specific order. It is described in this section, and there is also a Walkthrough Example in this documentation.


To use MPRouteReader, first import (or create) the pushpin data that you wish to create a route from. Make sure the pushpin s have a data field which defines the required pushpin order. Then MPRouteReader... from the Tools menu in MapPoint. You will be presented with a panel that looks like this:




Unregistered installations of MPRouteWriter will also show a Buy Now! button in the space in the bottom right.


To create a route from your pushpins, you need to select the required pushpin set and the required sort field. Select the pushpin set from the Input Waypoints list. When you select or change the currently selected pushpin set, the Waypoint Order list will be updated with the list of available fields. The waypoints are sorted according to the values in the data field that is selected in the Waypoint Order list.


Only enable the Restrict waypoints to a group check box if you wish to restrict the waypoints to a sub-group of the selected pushpin set. This is explained further on the Selecting a Group of Pushpins page. Clear this check box to select all puspins in the pushpin set.


After selecting the required pushpin set and waypoint order field, the Create Route button will be enabled. Press this to create the new route from the pushpins. Here is the route created from the example data:




Waypoints are sorted according to the selected data field. MPRouteReader can sort on both number and text fields. Use the Order setting to switch between Ascending or Descending sort order.


A number of other route options can be set for the entire route. The time period for each stop time can be set with the Set stop times drop-down box. The default is To zero minutes which sets all waypoint stops to the MapPoint default of zero minutes. All waypoint stops can be set to the same time period by selecting To a fixed time from the drop-down box, and then entering the stop time in the Time for each stop edit box. Finally, stop times can be set on an individual basis using a pushpin data field. To do this, select Using a data field from the drop-down box. The Time for each stop box will be replaced by one labeled Data field with stop times. Select the data field that contains the waypoint stop times. All stop times are specified in minutes.


Rest stops can be automatically inserted, by setting the Insert Rest Stops check box. This will enable the Length of each rest stop and Interval between rest stops settings. Both are specified in minutes.


Use the Find setting to select between Fastest Routes, Shortest Routes, or Preferred Roads for the route segments. The Preferred Roads route type will enable the Preferences button. Press this to set the individual road type preferences.


Check the Calculate final route checkbox if you wish MPRouteReader to calculate the final route after the waypoints have been inserted.


The list of pushpin data fields will always include the pushpin name. Extra fields are added by using the Data Import Wizard to read a complete pushpin set from an external data source (eg. Excel or Access). Typically one of the imported data fields will be a specific sequence number for the pushpin within the route. You then select this sequence number data field for the Waypoint Order data field.


Press the Create Route button when all the parameters have been set. This button may be disabled if the settings are incomplete, e.g. if the waypoint order data field has not been set. In such situations, a status label will appear above the Help button, specifying what needs to be set.