Recent Revision History

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v3.7, Release Date: 21st October 2013


MPRouteReader new feature: Ability to set waypoint stop times on an individual basis using a pushpin data field

MPRouteReader improvement: Status label indicates which settings must be set before the "Create Route" button is enabled

Bug fix: Bad Excel data fields propagating into MPRouteReader waypoint data

Bug fix: Possible to request groups without actually defining the groups



v3.6, Release Date: 12th August 2013


MPRouteWriter new feature: Ability to output distance, time, and average speeds for intervals between stops

MPRouteWriter new feature: Ability to add a summary line of distance, time, and average speeds

MPRouteWriter new feature: Ability to set the number of decimal places for distance, time, and speed output

Bug Fix: Time output correctly gives driving + stop time, and not "overnight time" (fixes negative time reports)

Bug Fix: Setting rest stops no longer automatically sets the waypoint time stops

Bug Fix: About dialog box "Enter Key" button also displayws the nag form

Improvement: Rest stops are now removed if  they are not explicitly selected for output

Improvement: Initial start-up after installation is less likely to have permission problems



v3.5, Release Date: 6th June 2013


Bug fix: Fixed extraneous ="" wrapper for pseudo-numeric fields in the text output options



v3.4, Release Date: 15th November 2012


Bug fix: Consecutive way points at the same location were reported with zero distances

Bug fix: Partial data fields occasionally caused crashes in text output mode

Improvement: Installer should work more consistently with typical user privileges



v3.3, Release Date: 20th August 2012


Supports Windows 8

Bug fix: Installation occasionally failed on Windows 7.



v3.2, Release Date: 9th November 2011


Bug fix: Time unit calculation was not always consistent.



v3.1, Release Date: 30th August 2011


Installer fix for latest Windows 7 update.



v3.0, Release Date: 5th July 2011


New feature: Pushpin data fields are sorted by name

New feature: Ability to set rest stops and/or rest intervals

New feature: Coordinates can be exported for waypoints without pushpins

New feature: Multiple start and end waypoints are supported with internal sorting

Product Re-branding: MPRouteWriter and MPRouteReader

Bug fix: File export failed to handle specific field combinations.



v2.11, Release Date: 27th September 2010


Bug fix: File export failed to handle specific field combinations.