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Import and Export Route Microsoft® MapPoint® Route Information


MPRouteWriter is an add-in utility for Microsoft MapPoint that exports route information to either Microsoft Excel or a text file. Waypoints are exported with travel times and distances. It is also possible to export matching pushpins and their data fields; as well as rest breaks.

MPRouteWriter also incorporates MPRouteReader. This performs the opposite action, ie. it imports pushpins into route waypoints in a specified order. Both are available directly from MapPoint's Tools menu.

MPRouteWriter requires a PC running Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, or Vista; and Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (or later). MPRouteWriter v3 also requires the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework (free download from the Microsoft website). Microsoft Excel is also recommended.


This help file contains the following contact, license, and purchasing information:


Contact Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

Purchasing MPRouteWriter

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Examples for both MPRouteWriter and MPRouteReader are provided for first time users:


Example: Using MPRouteWriter to Export a Route (uses MapPoint North America 2006)

Example: Using MPRouteReader to Create a Route (uses MapPoint North America 2006)


The specific aspects of MPRouteWriter's operation are described on the following pages:


Running MPRouteWriter

Writing to a Text File

Frequently Asked Questions


The specific aspects of MPRouteReader's operation are described on the following pages:


Running MPRouteReader

Selecting a Group of Pushpins

Frequently Asked Questions