Printing Services

Sample MapPoint map displayed in Bing Maps
A larger version of this map is also available.

In partnership with Mattys Consulting, we can now offer a range of Microsoft® MapPoint® printing services. Mattys are able to produce wide-area plots that preserve zoomed-in detail which would not be seen on the screen. Output can be to a laminated print-out, to an Adobe PDF document, to a TIFF bitmap image, or to a set of map tile bitmaps created with Microsoft MapCruncher.

Mattys Consulting can also provide printing services for Caliper® Maptitude® maps.


Size (inches)17x2224x3636x4848x6460x8072x9690x120108x44
Bitmap Image$35$50$75$100$150$175$250$300
Laminated Print -  - $120$150$225$300$500$600

All prices are in US dollars, and print prices do NOT include shipping as this varies by weight.

Use the contact details (below) for pricing details for MapCruncher map tiles.