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Guided Tour of MPSuperShape: Boundary Shapes


MPSuperShape can also be used to draw boundary shapes around groups of pushpins and/or shapes. This could be useful when drawing territory shapes, or to provide annotation for presentations.

Sample map with pushpins

MPSuperShape can draw a boundary shape around a group of pushpins and/or the current selected shapes. The pushpin option can work with all of the pushpins on the map, all the pushpins in a specific pushpin set, or just the pushpins in a selected area.

This sample map has two groups of pushpins (yellow and cyan squares). We wish to find the boundary shape for the yellowpushpins, and select them using the MapPoint selected area tool.

Boundary shape around the yellow pushpins

Here, MPSuperShape has drawn a boundary shape around the selected pushpins (yellow squares). The boundary shape is technically a convex hull. All of the shape's corners are defined by the outer pushpins. The remaining pushpins are contained within the shape.

Expanded boundary shape around the yellow pushpins

MPSuperShape can also expand the boundary shape by a specific distance. This could be used to create a margin that guarantees that all of the pushpins are contained within the shape. Here, the boundary shape has been expanded by 0.8 miles.

The boundary expansion is measured relative to the edges. The number of points (vertices) remains constant, so acute corners may appear to expand more.

Next, we look at MPSuperShape's Simplify Shape functionality.

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