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Introduction to MPSuperShape

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Winwaed Software Technology LLC




Shape Manipulation for Microsoft MapPoint


MPSuperShape is an add-in utility for Microsoft MapPoint that manipulates MapPoint shapes. MPSuperShape can perform a number of shape operations such as combing shapes, finding intersections, creating boundary shapes, and simplifying shapes. It can also import and export shapes from/to a number of different file formats.


MPSuperShape requires a PC running Windows 7, 8, Vista, or XP; and Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (or later). The Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 (or later) is also required. Microsoft Excel 2003 (or later) is also required if you wish to use the Excel Pushpin Workbooks export option.


This help file contains the following contact, license, and purchasing information:


Contacting Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

Purchasing MPSuperShape

Revision History


Two examples are provided for first time users:


Example: Combining Two Shapes with the Union Function

Example: Copying and Reusing Shapes between Maps (uses MapPoint North America).


The following pages describe specific aspects of MPSuperShape's operation:


Overview of MPSuperShape Operations

Activating and De-activating MPSuperShape

Selecting Shapes

De-selecting Shapes

Deleting Shapes

Combining Shapes with the Union Operation

Finding Overlaps with the Intersection Operation

Creating Boundary Shapes

Simplifying Shapes

Setting Options

Setting MPSuperShape Colors

Setting the Shape Accuracy Options

Exporting Shapes

Importing Shapes

Map Projections and Coordinate Systems

Frequently Asked Questions