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Exporting Shapes

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MPSuperShape can export some or all of the shapes to an external file. Do this by selecting the MPSuperShape: Export option on the MapPoint Tools menu. The Export Options dialog box will be displayed:




Select the required file type. Use the "..." button to enter the required output file.  Then select the required output objects. You may export the current selected shapes, or all shapes.


If All Shapes have been selected for export, you can set the pushpin checkbox which appears to export all pushpins as well. Pushpins are exported with a name (if available) and a description. If the name is blank, it is replaced with a name consisting of "SHP" and a number. There are no guarantees that this name is unique. A pushpin's description is created from the pushpin's visible data fields and/or descriptive note. Note that all non-ASCII characters are removed from the pushpin data fields before export. It is not possible to export pushpin datasets created from MapPoint's own demographic data. Pushpins can also be exported on a shape-by-shape basis by using the Excel Pushpin Workbooks export option.


This dialog box may also display a number of other output options, depending on the selected file type. These are discussed with each file type. The following file types are available:


Google Earth / Keyhole 'KML' Files

GML Files

Bing Maps Web Pages

Google Maps Web Pages

ESRI Shape Files

MapInfo MIF Files

Excel Pushpin Workbooks