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Selecting Shapes

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MapPoint allows you to only select one shape at a time. MPSuperShape requires the ability to simultaneously select multiple shapes. Hence, it has its own selection mechanism.


A shape is selected in MapPoint by left-clicking on the shape. MapPoint indicates the shape has been selected by drawing a small black square at each vertex of the shape. In the following image, the shape on the right has been selected in MapPoint:




MPSuperShape indicates a shape has been selected by changing its color. The colors of a selected shape are set in the Options Dialog Box. MPSuperShape remembers the shape's original colors and will use these when the shape is de-selected.


Before selecting a shape in MPSuperShape, ensure MPSuperShape has been activated. Then select the required shape in MapPoint by left clicking on it. This will appear like the shape in the above picture. Now right click to display the MPSuperShape popup menu.




Press the Add menu item. This will add the selected shape into MPSuperShape's selection (cyan and red in this example):




All of a map's shapes can also be added simultaneously. Do this by selecting the Add All item on the popup menu. You do not have to select any shapes in MapPoint before selecting this option.