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Activating and De-activating MPSupershape

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Activating MPSuperShape


When MapPoint starts, MPSuperShape will be de-activated. When MPSuperShape is de-activated, the only functions that are available are those that are on the MapPoint Tools menu. Activating MPSuperShape will enable MPSuperShape's popup menu. Do this by selecting the MPSuperShape: Activate item on the MapPoint Tools menu:




Now that MPSuperShape is activated, you can display the MPSuperShape popup menu by right-clicking the mouse on the MapPoint map area. This menu looks like this:




Different menu items will be enabled or disabled according to whether you have any shapes selected in MapPoint and/or MPSuperShape. The Hide button is always enabled. Press this to hide the menu. Clicking on the map outside of the menu, will also hide the menu.


The popup menu controls the selection and de-selection of shapes in MPSuperShape. It is also used to manipulate selected shapes.



De-activating MPSuperShape


When MPSuperShape is activated, the MPSuperShape: Activate item on the MapPoint Tools menu will be replaced by an item that says MPSuperShape: De-Activate.




Select the MPSuperShape: De-Activate menu item to de-activate MPSuperShape, and to disable the popup menu. MPSuperShape can also be de-activated by selecting De-activate from the popup menu.