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Overview of MPSuperShape Operations

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MPSuperShape adds four menu items to the MapPoint Tools menu:




You must Activate MPSuperShape in order to access most of MPSuperShape's functions. Do this by selecting the MPSuperShape: Activate item on the MapPoint Tools menu. When activated, MPSuperShape will display a popup menu when you right click the mouse on the map.




The MPSuperShape: Activate item on the Tools menu will change to MPSupershape: De-Activate. Use this to de-activate MPSuperShape and disable the right click action. MPSuperShape can also be de-activated by pressing De-activate on the popup menu.


You must select MapPoint shape(s) before you can manipulate them. Do this by left clicking a shape to select it in MapPoint. Then right click to produce the popup menu and select Add. This adds the shape to the MPSuperShape selection. The selected shape(s) will be drawn using the colors set in the Options dialog box (reached using the MPSuperShape: Options option on MapPoint's Tools menu).


Most of the menu options (eg. Union, Intersection, Simplify, Colors, and Delete) will be enabled when you have a number of shapes selected in MPSuperShape.


Two other MPSuperShape operations do not require shapes to be selected. The Import operation (on the MapPoint Tools menu) can be used to read shapes from an external file. The Boundary operation (on the popup menu) can be used to create new boundary shapes around a selected group of pushpins.