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Revision History

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v3.4, Release Date: 10th March 2014


Bug fix: Unprintable characters in MapPoint data fields would cause KML,etc export to fail. These are now skipped


v3.3, Release Date: 6th January 2014


Bug fix: Problem with third party event handling: Shapes were not being deselected immediately before the map is saved


v3.2, Release Date: 7th October 2013


Bug fix: Rare permissions problem with the installer and/or first run


v3.1, Release Date: 15th July 2013


Pop-up menu "Colors" button renamed "Colors & Z" to properly reflect its capabilities

Bug fix: Faulty installer check for .NET 4.0 pre-requisite


v3.0, Release Date: 11th March 2013


Support for Windows 8

Support for Bing Maps (ex-Virtual Earth) upgraded to Bing Maps API 7.0 (latest version)

Support for Google Maps upgraded to Google Maps API 3 (latest version)

.NET requirement upgraded to .NET 4.0

MapInfo export coordinate systems are limited to pre-defined coordinate systems.


v2.10, Release Date: 28th February 2012


Bug fix: "Export all shapes" (all formats) incorrectly named short shape names.



v2.9, Release Date: 15th December 2011


Bug fix: Incorrect internal logic in shape manipulation. Produced rare errors that were never reported "in the wild".



v2.8, Release Date: 5th September 2011


Bug fix: Shapefile ('shp') export now writes a variable length Notes field, capped to a maximum of 250 characters; and dataset field names are correctly limited to 10 characters as per the DBF specification.



v2.7, Release Date: 20th June 2011


Bug fix: Shapefile export occasionally resulted in a corrupt DBF file



v2.6, Release Date: 21st March 2011


New feature: MIF import can now read the 'NAME' field from a matching MID file, and use it for the shape names

New feature: KML import support for the MultiGeometry element

Improvement: Significant speed improvements for the Excel Pushpin Export

Improvement: Minor improvements in shape manipulation efficiency

Bug fix: On rare occasions, shapes were not being dropped correctly in memory

Bug fix: Handles a wider range of format variations in coordinate lists during KML/GML import

Bug fix: KML FillStyle Fill values should default to 'true' (ie. apply fill)

Bug fix: Improved stability when indicating current progress during import/export operations



v2.5, Release Date: 22nd November 2010


New feature: Ability to change the Z order for all of the selected shapes (ie. move them above or below other shapes and roads)

Improvement: output file is closed more promptly for KML and webpage export

Bug fix: Code to handle MapPoint 2006's "default fill applied to open lines" bug during shape import (KML,MIF,GML)

Bug fix: Improved handling of 'minimalist' MIF files during import

Bug fix: Better detection of out-of-range coordinates for UTM projections supported by SHP and MIF file export



v2.4, Release Date: 2nd June 2010


New feature: Excel Pushpin Workbook feature to export pushpins to Excel on a shape-by-shape basis

Bug fix: License keys not being accepted properly in some rare cases



v2.3, Release Date: 5th May 2010


New feature: Ability to change the colors and line thickness of all of the selected shapes

Speed improvements: The options dialog box is quicker to close when new-shape colors have changed

Bug fix: Various improvements to KML import to handle poorly-formatted shapes



v2.2, Release Date: 3rd February 2010


New feature: Boundary Shape function can create boundaries around shapes as well as (or instead of) pushpins

Bug fix: KML Import option was using an incorrect number format for LineStyle widths

Bug fix: Non-Euclidean (spherical Earth) correction now applied to Boundary Shape calculations



v2.1, Release Date: 2nd December 2009


New feature: Simplify Shape operation to reduce the number of vertices. This can be used to reduce disk space and improve MapPoint performance for overly-detailed shapes.

New feature: Delete Shapes operation

New feature: Support for shared edges with the union and intersection operations

New feature: Ability to set the colors and line thickness used for new shapes

Speed improvements, especially for the Union, Intersection, Select All, and Drop All operations

Bug fix: MapInfo MIF Import/Export now handles both interpretations of the ambiguous specification for polylines



v2.0, Release Date:  14th September 2009


New feature: Ability to export MapInfo MIF and MID files

New feature: Ability to export ESRI Shape files (SHP, SHX, DBF, and PRJ)

New feature: GML import/export options now support linestrings (open freeform shapes)

New feature: Companion DBF files imported for point features in ESRI Shape (SHP) files

New feature: Support for different projections and coordinate systems with SHP and MIF import/export

Branding change: Changed references from "Microsoft Virtual Earth" to "Microsoft Bing Maps"

Bug fix: MapInfo import process mapped the shape colors incorrectly

Bug fix: Incorrect fill visibility for GML export of "all shapes"

Bug fix: Pushpin Export failure with very large numbers of pushpin sets.

Bug fix: Attempts to export built-in demographic data led to fatal errors (demographic data now ignored)

Bug fix: Incorrect application of system localization settings for many data formats (KML, GML, MIF, DBF)



v1.7, Release Date: 10th March 2009


New feature: Option to export free-form shapes as open lines or closed polygons

New feature: Support for StyleMap tags in KML import files

Bug fix: Null/empty coordinates are now skipped during KML import

Support for Windows 7