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MapInfo MIF Files

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MapInfo uses MIF and MID files to import and export GIS data. Geographic information is stored in the MIF file, and database information is stored in the MID file. Provide MPSuperShape with the required .mif output file, and MPSuperShape will create a matching .mid file. With MapInfo MIF selected, the Export Options dialog box will look like this:




MPSuperShape's database output for shapes is limited to the shape name. However, for pushpins it will also write the Note, and all available data fields. All fields are written as 40 character text. This is because different pushpin sets may use the same field name for different field definitions. Numeric data fields are formatted using the operating system's localization settings.


There is no clear way to map MapPoint pushpin symbols to MIF symbols. Therefore symbol shapes are always specified as black and the shape is exported using a simple numeric mapping:


MIF Symbol Style# = MapPoint Symbol# + 32


For example, a black pushpin (MapPoint pushpin #0) is mapped to a filled square (MIF symbol #32).


MPSuperShape will write the projection and coordinate system information in the MIF header. These can be selected using the Coordinate System options. Due to the datum limitations in the MIF format, MPSuperShape only supports pre-defined coordinate systems. The External PRJ option will be disabled. See the section on Projections and Coordinate Systems for details about different coordinate systems.