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KML Files

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MPSuperShape can export shape data in KML ('Keyhole') format. This is used by Google Earth, and an number of online map viewers. With KML selected, the Export Options dialog box will look like this:




The Alpha slider will be displayed. KML shapes can have their alpha (opacity) set. MapPoint does not support partial alpha, so MPSuperShape lets you set the alpha for all shapes that are exported. Alpha is useful because you can give a shape partial transparency. This lets you view the shape as an overlay, in addition to the map that is covered by the shape. You can set the alpha anywhere between 0% (fully transparent) to 100% (fully opaque).


Below the Alpha slider, the All Shapes are: Closed / Open option is displayed. MapPoint has a bug which means it is impossible to determine if a freeform shape is an open line or a closed polygon. This option lets you specify whether all freeform shapes are written as closed polygons, or open lines. The default is Closed (polygons) as these are the shape types that MPSuperShape was originally designed for.


The Coordinate System options are always set to WGS84 Geographic Coordinates, as per the KML standard.