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ESRI Shape Files

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The ESRI Shapefile format is used by a number of ESRI and third party GIS products. The format actually consists of three data files: SHP Geometry, SHX Index, and DBF Database; plus a number of optional files. For the required output file, provide MPSuperShape with the required .shp output file, and MPSuperShape will create all three files with their correct extensions; plus a PRJ projection file.


With ESRI SHP file selected,the Export Options dialog box will look like this:




All shapes (polygons or polylines) are written to the supplied file. If pushpins have been selected, then these will be written to a set of three files with the "_pushpin" suffix.


MPSuperShape's DBF database output for shapes is limited to just the shape name. However, for pushpins it will also write the Note, and all available data fields. All fields are written as 40 character text. This is because different pushpin sets may use the same field name for different field definitions. Numeric data fields are formatted using the operating system's localization settings. DBF (dBASE) database files have a number of limitations. Field names have a maximum size of 10 characters. MPSuperShape will truncate any field names that are longer. All data field values have a length of 40 characters and are truncated to this length. The Notes field is set to the longest value present, to a maximum of 250 characters.


MPSuperShape does not write any "M" or "Z" values because these do not have any meaning in MapPoint.


MPSuperShape will write a PRJ file with the projection and coordinate system information. This can be selected from a number of options (the above screenshot shows a UTM zone selected). See the section on Projections and Coordinate Systems for details about different coordinate systems. The output PRJ file is in the later ESRI format that is based on the OGC WKT format but with a number of different identifiers.