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Excel Pushpin Workbooks

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The Excel Pushpin Workbooks export option is a little different to the other options because it only exports pushpins and does not export shapes.

Pushpins are written out on a shape-by-shape basis with one shape per worksheet. This option is very similar to MapPoint's own "Export to Excel" option, except MPSuperShape will batch export the pushpins for multiple shapes with one click.


Pushpins can be exported for either the current selected shape, or for all suitable shapes. MPSuperShape can export pushpins contained within freeform shapes, rectangles, ellipses, and radius circles.


Each worksheet is named after the shape name. A simple name of the form "SHPn" where n is a sequence number, is used if the shape does not have a name. For each pushpin, MPSuperShape also writes the pushpin name, longitude, latitude, name of the parent dataset (pushpin set), pushpin symbol, pushpin comment ('note') and any data fields that are present. The pushpin symbol is written as an integer (whole number) reference value. A header is written to the first row of each worksheet in bold.