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Creating Boundary Shapes

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MPSuperShape can create a shape that surrounds a group of pushpins or shapes. This can be useful when defining shape territories, or for categorizing pushpins. Do this by right clicking on the map to display the MPSuperShape popup menu. Select Boundary, and the Boundary Shape dialog box will be displayed:




Pushpins can be selected in three different ways:  All pushpins in all pushpin sets; all pushpins in a specific pushpin set; or all pushpins within the currently selected area. Note that these radio buttons and the Include Selected Shapes check box may be disabled if no appropriate data is available. For example the Selected Area radio button will be disabled if MapPoint does not have an area selected.


It is also possible to draw the boundary around the current selected shapes. Check the Include Selected Shapes checkbox to do this. Selecting this option will also enable the No pushpins radio button. This lets you create a boundary around the current selected shapes and ignore all pushpins.


Note: Due to the way MapPoint selects areas of the map, it is not possible to use the Selected Area and Include Selected Shapes options together. This is because it is not possible to select shapes within MPSuperShape without losing MapPoint's selected area rectangle.


Press OK to create the boundary shape. Here is an example boundary shape (red) created from the blue circle pushpins:



The shape is technically a Convex Hull. This is defined as the smallest convex shape that encloses the pushpins. All of the pushpins are either inside the shape or they are on the outer edge.


MPSuperShape can also expand the boundary shape. This could be useful if you are defining a territory that must include all of the pushpins. Do this by checking the Extend Shape by checkbox and entering the distance in the edit box. This will be in miles or kilometers, according to the distance units in use within MapPoint.


Here is an example using a 10 mile extension (black) overlain on the above example: