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Changing Colors

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It is possible to change the colors, line thickness, and Z order of all the selected shapes at once. This is useful if you wish to change the colors or line thicknesses of large numbers of shapes with one operation. Do this by selecting the required shapes, and then selecting the Colors button from the popup menu. This will display the Change Colors dialog box:




Use this to set the fill color, outline color, and line thickness for the selected shapes. Note that you can use the "change" check boxes to determine if one or all of these attributes will be changed. For example, you could set Change the fill color check box and clear the Change the line color and Change the line thickness check boxes so that only the shapes' fill colors are modified. Note that the color palettes and line thickness drop-down list will both disappear if these options are disabled.


Colors are selected by clicking on the required color in the palette. The large square indicates the current color selection. Set the No Color check box if you wish the attribute to be transparent.  The fill and outline colors cannot be both transparent.


MapPoint shapes have a Z Order. This determines the order of drawing, ie. what features appear to be above other features. The Z order of the selected shapes can be modified using the Z Order options. This is useful if you want to make one set of shapes more visible than another, or if you wish to put the shapes behind or in front of the road network. Select the Move shapes in front or behind other shapes and roads check box to modify the Z order for the current shapes, and then select the required change in Z order with the Move shapes drop-down box. The following options are available:


To the front (on top of other shapes)

To the back (behind other shapes)

Forward (up) one level

Back (down) one level

In front of all roads

Behind all roads



Note: This dialog box changes the actual unselected colors for the shapes. The changes will only become apparent when the shapes are de-selected. Use the Options Form to change the colors used by MPSuperShape to indicate selection.


Set the Drop (deselect) all shapes on exit check box if you wish MPSuperShape to deselect all shapes when you press the OK button.