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Point to Point Batch Mileage Calculations

MPMileage for Maptitude: Guided Tour

A guided tour of MPMileage's features and benefits can be found on the official MPMileage website. The tour covers the following subjects:


General overview of how MPMileage works: what the input data and results look like.

Main Panel Configuration Options

Find your way around the main MPMileage options. What needs to be set before processing can start?


How to specify your database configuration within MPMileage.


How to specify start and end locations using pushpins, street addresses, or geographic coordinates.

Route Options

Surveys the various routing options which are available, including road speeds, preferred roads, and the MapPoint route cost model.

Free Trial

Click here for a free 14 day trial of MPMileage. The trial version must be registered if you wish to use it beyond the 14 day trial period. MPMileage licenses can be purchased from our Secure Web Form for US$75 each. Other purchase options are also available.

Please use our contact form for MPMileage support. The MPMileage documentation has also been published online at the website.