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MPExporter Versions

MPExporter has two licenses: Basic and Professional. The primary difference between these two licenses is that the Professional license can export shaded area datasets as a collection of shapes. The Basic license will always export shaded area datasets as a collection of pushpins, with the option to include all data fields (including the plotted value) in the pushpin data fields.

The Professional license also has the pushpin option. This can be explicitly specified if you wish to use it. Also, the Professional license can only export shaded area shapes if it has the shape definitions. The following table lists the geographic areas currently supported by the Professional license:

 Country  Area  Notes 
USA5-digit ZipcodeData source: US Census Bureau ZCTAs
USA3-digit ZipcodeData source: US Census Bureau ZCTAs
USACensus Tract
USAMetro Area

All other geographic areas will be exported as collections of pushpins.

Ideally MPExporter would support all geographic areas supported by the North American and European editions of Microsoft MapPoint. However this depends on the availability of suitable shape definitions with suitable distribution rights. Please let us know if you have found a suitable source for geographic areas not listed above, and we shall try to incorporate them. Suitable shape definitions should be in an industry standard GIS format (e.g. SHP or MIF), use geographic coordinates with the WGS84 geoid, and have shape names that match the names use by Microsoft MapPoint. They must also have suitable distribution rights that allow us to distribute them with MPExporter.

The Basic License costs US$75 / license, and the Professional License costs US$300 / license. Both can be purchased from our purchase page. The Basic license can be upgraded to the Professional License.

Click here for a free 7 day trial of MPExporter. The 7 day trial includes all of the Basic and Professional features.