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Guided Tour of MPExporter: Overview

This guided tour gives an overview of how MPExporter is used, and the options that are available.

The main MPExporter panel (click for larger view) The main MPExporter panel (click for larger view)

The Main MPExporter Panel

MPExporter is started by selecting MPExporter... from the MapPoint Tools... menu. This will display the main MPExporter panel (see right).

The panel options are divided according to functionality. Be sure to set the output type (top left) and the output file. The remaining options control the shape, data, and pushpin output. Note the option in the lower left: Use online pushpin images. This controls the source location for the MapPoint pushpin images. MPExporter can either copy them to a local file, or use online copies hosted by Winwaed Software Technology LLC. The latter options makes the resulting file more portable, but it does depend on you having an Internet connection in order to view them.

Other options include the ability to apply an alpha (transparency) value to all shapes, and to set the resolution of ellipses and rectangles when they are converted to polygons.

Sample MapPoint map (click for larger view) Sample MapPoint map (click for larger view)

Sample map ready for export

Here is a sample map that can be exported by MPExporter. It includes pushpins and a shaded area dataset.

The Professional License of MPExporter can export shaded area datasets as complete shapes. The Basic license will output them as pushpins, complete with all data fields. Due to data restrictions, this complete shape functionality is only available for certain areas. Check the documentation for the current list. Regardless of shape availability, MPExporter can export all shaded area datasets as pushpins.

Start the export process by pressing the Export button on the main panel.

KML results in Google Earth (click for larger view) KML results in Google Earth (click for larger view)


And here are the results as a KML file, displayed in Google Earth.

Next, we look at interactive web maps.

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