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Introduction to MPExporter

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Winwaed Software Technology LLC




Export Data from Microsoft MapPoint


MPExporter is an add-in utility for Microsoft MapPoint that can export virtually all of your MapPoint data. As well as exporting shapes and pushpins, MPExporter can export other datasets and routes. MPExporter can export this data to KML, Google or Bing Map web pages, SVG, Microsoft® Excel® workbooks, and Caliper® Maptitude® MAP files.


MPExporter requires a PC running Windows 7, 8, Vista, or XP; and Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (or later). The Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 (or later) is also required. The Microsoft Excel and Maptitude options require Excel (2003 or later) and Maptitude (2014 or later), respectively.


This help file contains the following contact, license, and purchasing information:


Contacting Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

Purchasing MPExporter

Revision History


Two examples are provided for first time users:


Example: Exporting a Map with Shapes, Pushpins, and a Route

Example: Exporting a Shaded Area Map

Example: Exporting an SVG Map


The following pages describe specific aspects of MPExporter's operation:


Overview of MPExporter Operations

Exporting KML

Exporting Google Maps HTML

Exporting Bing Maps HTML

Exporting SVG

Exporting to Excel®

Exporting to Maptitude®


Setting the Shape Accuracy Options

Map Projections and Coordinate Systems


Finally, the following two pages provide reference material and answers:


Frequently Asked Questions