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Cluster Analysis for Caliper Maptitude®

Analyze your Caliper® Maptitude® data for clusters...

Sample clusters identified by MPCluster (click for full screen view)

Do you need to find natural groups in your Maptitude data?

For example, do you have your customers plotted as pushpins, and need to find natural groups for the best utilization of your salesforce? Or perhaps you need to identify "hotspots" in specific product sales?

If so, MPCluster will solve your problems. MPCluster identifies groups or clusters in your Maptitude data layers. MPCluster can then draw each cluster with a boundary shape a central 'pushpin' marker. MPCluster can also color your input data according to its cluster allocation by creating a new joined data view.

MPCluster lets you set the maximum number of clusters to find. Minimum and maximum size limits can also be set for the clusters.

Benefits include:

  • Find clusters from thousands of data points.
  • Works with Maptitude point and area data layers and selection sets.
  • Find clusters within a number of size constraints.
  • Clusters can be drawn as new layers illustrating their boundary shapes and central locations.
  • Input data can be styled (colored) according to cluster allocation using a joined data view.
  • Cluster assignments and parameters can be written to a Microsoft Excel workbook.
  • Data fields can be used to constrain cluster sizes.
  • Ability to sum and count data from different layers - finding sums and counts contained with each cluster.
  • Ability to use pre-defined 'fixed' cluster centers - e.g. existing depots.

Additional features, include:

  • Support for both Hierarchical and K-Means algorithms.
  • Annotation (boundary shapes) support all of MapPoint's colors and line thickness settings.
  • Ability to limit the maximum cluster radius or diameter.
  • Ability to set the minimum and/or maximum number of pushpins per cluster.
  • Ability to set the minimum distance between adjacent cluster centers.
  • Ability to constrain cluster sizes using a dataset data field.
  • Size limits can be using straight lines ('great circle') or using an external distance table (eg. driving distances)
  • Ability to estimate the number of clusters present (K-Means).
  • Hierarchical cluster boundaries can be concave, representing the potentially concave nature of hierarchical clusters
  • Walk-through tutorial.
  • Multi-threaded for faster processing on modern computers.
  • Supports all versions of Caliper® Maptitude® 2014 and later.
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP are all supported.

Click here to download MPCluster. This is a free trial version that will last for 14 days, and must be registered if you wish to use it beyond this period. MPCluster licenses can be purchased online startomg at US$100 each. Other purchase options and volume discounts are also available.

MPCluster Professional

MPCluster for Maptitude has two levels of licensing: Basic and Professional. The Professional license adds a number of features including the ability calculate overlay data fields; and the ability to use pre-defined 'fixed' cluster positions. The MPCluster Versions page summarizes the differences between the two licenses.

Please use our contact form for MPCluster support.