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MileCharter for Maptitude Versions

MileCharter for MapPoint

MileCharter is available as an add-in for Microsoft MapPoint, as an add-in for Caliper Maptitude, and as a part of the Ultra Mileage system. This page describes the different MileCharter for Maptitude licenses.

MileCharter for Maptitude has two licenses: Basic and Professional. The Basic license allows the computation of "calculate all combinations" mileage charts. The Professional license is intended to be an extended version for 'power' users. It is easier to use with large processing jobs, and adds the powerful 'only report the closest destinations' feature.

The following table summarizes the features supported by the latest Basic and Professional licenses:

 Feature  Basic  Professional 
All of Maptitude's routing options
Support for Selection Sets
Rate Tables for Route Costs
Driving Speeds
Location Coordinates
Output to Excel
Output to Text Files
Number Localization Support
Pause and Restart
Report the Closest Locations Only

Further details can be found in the MileCharter documentation.

The Basic License costs US$75 / license, and the Professional License costs US$120 / license. Both can be purchased from our purchase page. The Basic license can be upgraded to the Professional License. Users of MileCharter for MapPoint are advised to upgrade to the Maptitude version.

Click here for a free 14 day trial of MileCharter for Maptitude. The 14 day trial includes all of the Basic and Professional features.