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Create Mileage Charts with Microsoft MapPoint

Upgrade MileCharter for Microsoft® MapPoint® Now!

Version 3.7 of MPMileCharter has two different licensing levels: Basic and Professional. The differences between these licenses are described on the MPMileCharter Versions page. Both licenses can be purchased on the main purchase page.

A Basic license can be upgraded into a Professional license by purchasing the Upgrade license below.

This upgrade license will only work with MPMileCharter v3.*. A v1 or v2 MileCharter Basic license cannot be upgraded directly to a v3 Professional license. You will need to purchase a new v3 Professional license.

Discounts are also available for our MileCharter for MapPoint customers who wish to upgrade to MileCharter for Maptitude. As Microsoft have decided to discontinue MapPoint, we are recommending that our customers move to Caliper®'s Maptitude® product.

You need to purchase an Upgrade License for every v3 Basic license that you wish to upgrade to v3.2 Professional. Individual upgrade licenses cost US$50. Five or more upgrade licenses are discounted to US$40. Three purchase options are available for Upgrade Licenses:

Buy MPMileCharter Upgrade using Fastspring - accepts all major credit cards
Download and Pay by Mail-in Check
Upgrade: US$50Upgrade: US$50Upgrade: US$50

Residents of California, Texas, and the European Union may have to pay sales tax or VAT on these prices.

FastSpring is recommended for most payment types. FastSpring accept all major credit cards, and have the fastest delivery speed. Your purchase will appear as FS*mapping-tools on your credit card statement. FastSpring can also accept purchase orders, checks, and money orders.

Electronic delivery is the quickest way to purchase MPMileCharter. Your registration code will be sent to you by email when your order has been processed. Orders by Plimus and PayPal are automated, and you should receive your registration code within one hour. This registration code will fully unlock the Professional features of MPMileCharter. MPMileCharter can be downloaded from our download page.

You must install Microsoft® MapPoint® before MPMileCharter. Microsoft MapPoint must be purchased separately. It is not available for download, and is not included in the CD-ROM option.