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Create Mileage Charts with Microsoft MapPoint

Guided Tours and Walkthroughs

A guided tour of MPMileCharter's features and benefits can be found on the official MPMileCharter website. The tour covers the following subjects:

'Atlas' Charts

Create 'road atlas' style charts that provide route distances and travel times between a group of cities or other locations.

Zipcode Charts

Produce similar charts but with other location types, such as zipcodes and postcodes.


MPMileCharter can also find distances, times, and costs between one location and many locations. This example finds the distance, times, and costs for different offices to server a new customer.

Multiple Locations

Expands the concept to find the distances from a group of supply depots to a group of customers. Which depots are closest? How much will it cost for them to supply each customer?

Costs & Rate Tables

MPMileCharter can use Microsoft® MapPoint®'s cost estimates, but it also has the ability to compute its own sophisticated route costs based on a rate table function. For example, fixed costs or specific per-mile rates can be applied for individual distance intervals.

Closest Locations

Use MPMileCharter to only find the closest locations. For example, find only the sales offices which are closest to each customer.

Find Competing Stores

The 'find closest only' functionality is used to identify a competitor's store locations which represent signficant competition due to their proximity to our store locations.

Other Options

MPMileCharter supports MapPoint®'s other route options, including 'Avoid Areas' and different route types (fastest, shortest, preferred roads, straight lines).

Walkthrough for Microsoft MapPoint Beginners

This is a walkthrough showing you exactly how to use MPMileCharter. It is intended for MapPoint beginners and includes relevant MapPoint functions such address lookups and pushpins.

Free Trial

Click here for a free 14 day trial of MPMileCharter. The trial version must be registered if you wish to use it beyond the 14 day trial period. MPMileCharter licenses can be purchased from our Secure Web Form for US$60 each (Basic License), or US$100 each (Professional license). Other purchase options (including CD-ROM) are also available.

Please use our contact form for MPMileCharter support. The MPMileCharter documentation has also been published online at the website.