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Create Mileage Charts with Caliper Maptitude

Download MileCharter for Maptitude

The following MileCharter for Maptitude files are available for download (the MapPoint version is here, and the Ultra Mileage version is here).

NameVersionRelease DateSizeDownload LinkAlternative Download
MileCharter for Maptitude Application
(self installing)
v1.9 25th Mar. '19 5.03MB Download Now! Here
Example Files
(Zip archive)
v1.1 23rd Apr. '15 11KB Download Now! Here
FetchRoadSpeeds Utility
(self installing)
v1.3 24th Sept. '18 696KB Download Now!

The examples archive includes sample data that is referenced in the MileCharter for Maptitude documentation.

The FetchRoadSpeeds utility is used to collect road type and speed information to be used for defaults in MileCharter and MPMileage. Use this if you are working with a country without default speeds defined in MileCharter, and send us the results. We can then add the default speeds into the next version.

MileCharter requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 (or later). This is a free download from the Microsoft website.

Caliper® Maptitude® must be installed before you install MileCharter. All versions of Maptitude from Maptitude 2014 Build 2835 are supported. The Excel export option requires Microsoft Excel® 2003 or later.

You must purchase a license if you wish to use MileCharter beyond the 14 day trial period.

MileCharter for Maptitude has a Basic and a Professional License. Basic licenses can also be upgraded to the Professional level. Licenses can be purchased on the purchase page.

Existing MPMileCharter for MapPoint v3 users may upgrade at a discount. Details are on the purchase page.

A copy of the End User License Agreement is also available. This is included with the documentation.

MileCharter will add uninstall links to the Windows Start Menu, and to the Control Panel's Add / Remove Programs list. Using one of these links, un-installation should be a simple single click process.

Latest Changes

Version 1.9: Support added for multiple field output; and conditional route calculations.

Version 1.8: Support added for the Western Europe country pack, including default road speeds. Road speeds also added for the France country pack.

Version 1.7: Bug fix for rate table; bug fix for Maptitude 2016 and earlier.

Version 1.6: Support for the new United Kingdom & Ireland country pack.

Version 1.5: Improvements for Maptitude 2017. Improved dialog sizing.

Version 1.4: Support for Maptitude 2016.

Version 1.3: Full support for 32 bit Maptitude; default road speeds for Germany; speed status displayed on the main panel; minor speed-ups for Excel.

Version 1.2: Ability to set relative speed adjustments and costs according to road type. Ability to load/save road costs and speeds. Ability to set constant rate table costs.

Version 1.1: Ability to only list user layers. Improved handling of non-existent maps and maps that lack suitable street data.

Version 1.0: Initial Maptitude version. Default road speeds included for: Canada, Netherlands, UK, US.