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Creating by Tool


The easiest way to create a Selection Set, is to create it with a feature selection tool. These tools are on the left of the Selection toolbar:

The Selection toolbar.

The Selection toolbar. The four tools on the left are the feature selection tools.

From left to right, these tools are:

  • Select an individual feature: Click on a feature to add it to the current selection set. Click again to remove it.
  • Select a rectangle: Drag a rectangle around the required features.
  • Select by circle: Drag a circle around the required features.
  • Select by polygon: Draw an irregular (freehand) polygon around the required features.

To use one of these tools, first make sure the required layer is the current working layer. If you wish to create a completely new selection set, press the Create button (funnel with green ‘+’). Then press the button for the required tool.

Here is an example where the rectangle tool has been use to create a selection set of landmarks (red stars):

A selection set (red stars) created within the Landmarks layer.

A selection set (red stars) created within the Landmarks layer.

After creating the selection set, the number of selected features will appear in parenthesis after the selection set name (“Selection (125)” in the above toolbar example).

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