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Route Options


Maptitude has a number of options that control how routes are calculated, and how the driving times and estimated costs are calculated. These are on the Route Options dialog box, which is displayed by pressing the Route Options button (car with gear) on the right hand side of the Route Manager:

The Route Options dialog box has three tabs. Here is the General tab:

The General tab on the Route Options dialog box

Most of these settings are probably self explanatory. The Route Optimization determines if the routes should be faster (ie. shortest travel time) or shorter (ie. shortest driving distance).

The Stop Optimization Options control how the start and end waypoints are treated during waypoint optimization. The start and/or end can be fixed. Alternatively, you can choose a circular route that returns back to the start.

The Routing Options box determines if the waypoint stop names should be displayed on the map; whilst the Output Options box determines which waypoint fields are used in the final written directions. Here, directions point towards NAME and [ALTERNATE NAME] is used to give alternative names.

The Route Options dialog box also has a Driving Speeds tab for setting the driving speeds, and an Itinerary tab to set the driving schedule and fuel consumption.

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