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Optimizing your Route


Maptitude is capable of finding the optimum waypoint order that minimizes the driving distance or driving time. This is commonly known as the Traveling Salesman Problem. To optimize a route, simply press the Optimize button on the Route Manager.

Here is an example with a complex route with waypoints in an arbitrary order:

complex Maptitude route

A complex route that is very inefficient (click for larger view)

As you can see, this criss-crosses Texas many times and is very inefficient. Here is Maptitude’s solution:

optimized Maptitude route

The optimized route (click for larger view)

This is much more efficient!

The Travelling Salesman Problem is notorious because it is NP complete and processing times scale at an exponential rate. No doubt Maptitude will not be able to calculate very large routes, but even moderate sized ones like this are calculated in only a few seconds — much faster than MapPoint.

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