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Editing a Route


After creating a route, you will probably want to edit it. Maptitude will let you add, move, and delete waypoints. You can also change the order of waypoints.

To insert a new waypoint, click the Add or move a stop button (waypoint with right-facing arrow) on the Routing Manager. This is the second button from the left. Next, click on the route where you want to insert the new waypoint. As the waypoint is on the existing route, the route will not change. To drag the route, drag the newly created waypoint to the desired position. Here, the sample from the Creating a Route page has had a new waypoint (#2) inserted and dragged to the required position:

The route after a new waypoint has been added and dragged (click for larger view)

Maptitude has automatically regenerated the route to go through the new #2 waypoint.

The waypoint order can also be changed by using the top three buttons on the right-hand side of the Route Manager:

To move a waypoint up or down in the order, select the waypoint and then press either the up button or the down button. Moving a waypoint ‘up’ will move it towards the beginning of the route, and moving it ‘down’ will move it towards the end.

The double-ended u-shaped arrow button will reverse the route by reversing the order of the waypoints.

Route waypoint order can also be automatically optimized to reduce the route’s driving time or distance.

Finally, it is also possible to delete a waypoint. Do this by right-clicking on the waypoint in the Route Manager and selecting Remove stop from the popup menu. This menu will also let you rename a stop, and to set the waypoint to be the start or end.


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