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Creating a Route


Maptitude 2016 introduced the Route Manager. This is displayed by selecting Tools->Routing->Routing Manager on the main menu, and looks like this:

Maptitude’s Route Manager showing one waypoint.

In the above example, a waypoint has been added as a street address. Do this by typing the street address in the top boxes, and then press the Add button. Maptitude will then geocode the address and add the waypoint, or give an error if the address could not be found. In such cases, Maptitude can also search near the specified city and/or zipcode.

Alternatively, you can add waypoints by using the buttons in the top left corner. The left-most button (marker with ‘+’ sign) is used to place waypoints on a map. Click this button on, then click on the map for each of your desired waypoint locations. The button is a toggle button: click it a second time to switch it off.

The second button is used to edit an existing route.

The third button (with two markers) is used to add waypoints from a selection set. This displays the Add Stops dialog box:

Adding waypoints (stops) from a selection set (‘All Features’ on layer ‘TexasCities’)

Use the drop down boxes to select the layer that contains the waypoint locations (TexasCities in this example), and selection set within this layer (All Features). You can also optionally set the waypoint order using a numeric field (Order by), and the name for each waypoint from a text field (Stop name). both fields are selected from the waypoit layer. Press OK to insert the selected layer points into the route as waypoints. Note that this provides the same functionality for Maptitude as our MPRouteReader add-in does for Microsoft MapPoint.

The final button on the right (three markers with a red cross) is used to clear all waypoints from the current route.

When all of the waypoints have been added, press the Get Directions button to calculate the route. Here is a simple example:

Maptitude route

A simple calculated route. Click for larger view.

The calculated route is drawn on the map with a tick green line, and is listed in the Route Manager (lower left), complete with directions between each waypoint. Each waypoint has a ‘+’ mark next to it. Click on this to view the directions to this waypoint from the previous waypoint. A summary of the route is displayed at the bottom of the Route Manager. This includes the driving distance, estimated travel time, and estimated cost. These can be modified by changing the Driving Speeds, Driving Schedule, and Fuel Consumption settings.

A PDF summary of the route can be created by pressing the PDF button on the right of the Optimize button.

A route can be saved for future use by pressing the save button (car with disk) on the Route Manager. A previously saved route can be restored by pressing the load button (car with folder). These two buttons are in the middle of the buttons on the right hand side of the Route Manager:

Route Manager buttons

After creating a route, you can also edit the route by adding, moving, and deleting waypoints.

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