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Mailing Labels


Maptitude also has the ability to create mailing labels from feature data fields. This might be useful if you have a customer layer, and wish to mail directly from this layer.

The overall effect is rather like a mail merge, but it is limited in formatting and currently only supports one label type (1″x2 5/8″, Avery #5160). In most cases, it is probably more flexible to export the required data fields to a database and then use a traditional mail merge with Microsoft Word.

To create the mail labels, make sure your input data layer is selected as the working layer. Select Tools->Geographic Utilities->Mailing Labels on the main menu to display the Mailing Labels dialog box:

The Mailing Labels dialog box

The Mailing Labels dialog box

Mailing labels can be created for all features or a selection set. Use the Create mailing labels for… dropdown box to choose the selection set.

The current template for the label design is constructed in the Label Design box, and a sample is displayed in the Sample Label box. Use the Line radio buttons to select a line to edit. The buttons in the Line Editing Tools box can be used to add entries to a row. Note, if you make a mistake you have to clear the entire line (CLEAR LINE * button) and start again. You can select from the data fields; space, period, and comma characters; and static text. A line can be made of a combination of these. For example, the “State [ZIP Code]” line above consists of a data field, a space character, and a second data field.

Once the label has been constructed, press the OK button to be presented with the printer dialog box, and to print the labels.


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