Editing Data


After creating your layers, Maptitude will also let you modify and manipulate them in the following ways:

5 comments to Editing Data

  • Charlie

    I have a several of addresses in Maptitude that didn’t geocode to the address because of improper formatting. I thought that by going to dataview of the point layer and correcting the mistakes, that the points would automatically geocode and appear on the map. Nothing happens. no changes. Am I missing a step? Also, is there any forum for these sorts of Maptitude questions? Caliper has stopped supporting 2016. Thank you.


  • You will have to re-geocode the input data. As with MapPoint, it is not an automatic process.

  • Charlie

    OK, thanks for the response. Geocoded the data, then reinput it and works fine.

  • helen mcgregor

    Hi How can i change the distance units on map legend from miles to KM?- simple I know but I cannot find it anywhere!

    Thanks Helen

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