The appearance of a Maptitude map is setting using a series of Themes. A theme is defined for each displayed layer, and tells Maptitude how to display the layer. For example, it might tell Maptitude to color an area layer with specific colors according to a data value. Or a point layer might be displayed using pie charts.

Prism Maps are often considered alongside themes, although these are essentially 3d charts based on one layer.

The following theme pages are available:

A map’s appearance can also be modified by using a Mask to hide unwanted areas of the map.

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  • Charlie

    When I create maps at the County layer using the Maptitude library (median income), I am presented with a Legend that is optimized for the entire U.S., and not for my selected state, Minnesota. How do I ‘tell’ the software that I’m only interested in the data for Minnesota and the appropriate Legend for that state? I’m used to the MapPoint legend interface which seemed to be much easier to deal with.

    • MapPoint is more automated – Maptitude is much more flexible!
      You should be able to set ranges by editing the themes for the displayed attributes (eg. Median Income). Select the layer and theme in the layer manager.

      Also when you are creating your map in Maptitude, the Create Map Wizard lets you select the starting area. Select the US country pack as before, but also select “US State” and “Minnesota”. This will then create your starting map with a view of Minnesota. You could even hide other areas (and data) by using Selection Sets (select Minnesota, or Minnesota data; then display only that).

  • June Stolnis

    I need to map our constituents; however, in addition to a push pin, etc. I need to show an identifying data field.

    I do not see an option for an additional data field to display on the map.

    How do I do this?

    Thanks so much.

    • You need to edit the label settings. On the Display Manager, click the label icon next to the point layer that you wish to re-label. This should then display the Labels dialog box. I haven’t written it up on these pages, but it is in the Maptitude documentation – search the Help file for the “Creating Labels” page.

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