As well as conventional data layers, users can draw on a map with annotation (also known as freehand items or drawing tools). This is rather like drawing on the map with an erasable pen. The annotation drawing tools can also be used with Layouts to add images, text labels, etc.

The drawing tools are found on the Drawing Toolbar:

The Drawing (Annotation) Toolbar

The Drawing (Annotation) Toolbar: Docked

If the toolbar is un-docked, it may look like this:

Drawing Toolbar, floating

Drawing Toolbar: Floating

The Arrow button on the left is used to select an existing shape object. You can then edit it (double click or right-click and select Properties); delete it (press the Delete key); or change the drawing order (double click, select from menu).

The following annotation shapes are available:

1 comment to Annotation

  • Thomas MI Raithby

    I find the annotations very helpful, however they do not behave like the other layers in Maptitude – I am unable to display/undisplay the annotations as I would for other layers, such as drive time zones. That would be great functionality to add in a future release! :)

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