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Linking Documents


It is possible to link a Maptitude feature to an external document or URL (Uniform Resource Locator, i.e. a web address).  Do this by creating a data field on the layer’s table to store the documents or URLs. This field must have a name that contains the word “File”, e.g. “Web Site File”, or “Photo File”.

Next populate this data field with the required file name or URL for each feature.

Note that in the case of files, you should use a file extension that Windows has associated with a suitable application. For example, .xls and .xlsx files are usually associated with Microsoft Excel, but .csv might not be.

Once these links have been created, you can follow them using the Info Link Tool or the Info Tool. Both can be found on the main toolbox:

The Main Toolbox

The Main Toolbox

The Info Tool is the button with the ‘I’ in a large blue circle.  On the above image, the Info Link Tool button is next to it, and has a smaller ‘I’ above two document icons. The Info Link Tool will go directly to the document. The Info Tool will give the document information alongside the other feature information. Click the arrow next to this, in order to go to the document.

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