Balanced Territories


Territories can also be automatically created using the new Balanced Territories Add-in. This attempts to balance out the data field values in an input layer. For example, the sample map below is created by balancing zipcode populations. Although it is typically used with demographic data, this add-in can also be used with your own data. For example, you could use your own sales data to create new territories balancing sales amongst your sales staff.

The Balanced Territories Add-in can be downloaded from the Caliper website for free.

Sample Balanced Texas Territory Map

Balanced map created from zipcode population data

To create a territory map like this, you will need an area layer with a data field storing the values you wish to balance. Here we used the built-in 5-Digit Zip Code layer, and created a selection set limiting the processing to Texas. We told the add-in to limit the results to 10 territories, allowing for 5% variation in each territory’s total population. As expected, the major metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston have their own territories, whilst the low population areas of West Texas and the Panhandle form one large territory.

Different demographic fields could be used. As examples, you could base your territories on 20-30 year olds, number of houses, types of businesses, etc.

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