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Export to Excel


MapPoint datasets can also be exported to a Microsoft Excel workbook. Excel must be installed for this function to be available.

Data can be exported for complete, individual datasets (including territories) for the entire map; or for all data points for all datasets in a selected area or freeform shape.

To export the data for an individual dataset or territory, select the required dataset in the Legend and then select Export to Excel on the Data menu.

To export the data for a selection area, first create a selection area around the data points you wish to export. Right-click in the selection area and select Export to Excel from the popup menu.

The resulting Excel workbook consists of a summary worksheet plus one worksheet for each dataset. The summary worksheet lists each dataset complete with the number of data points exported and internal hyperlinks to the individual worksheets:

Example summary worksheet

Example summary worksheet

Each dataset worksheet lists the data with one data point per row. All available data is included — including data fields values. Here is an example from the same workbook:

The worksheet for an exported dataset

The worksheet for an exported dataset

Location information is limited to the information that was initially used to create the dataset. This prevents the Export to Excel function from being used to bulk geocode street addresses.

Note that most versions of MapPoint also have restrictions on exporting the built-in demographic data.

If you have created a route from a pushpin set, MapPoint cannot export the pushpin set in route waypoint order. To do this, you need to use our RouteWriter product. This exports route waypoints to Excel or a text file, complete with their distances, travel times, and matching pushpin data.


21 comments to Export to Excel

  • Jared Robbins

    When I export the data in a route I need it to export it with the corresponding numbers. For example I have 30 points. I select them all as a point on the route. Then i hit control f5 and it gives me a route. When I export the data I would like it to export the data with the number that it is on the route as well. I did it by mistake yesterday and I can’t figure out how to do it again. Any help is appreciated.

  • John

    Good Afternoon,

    I have about 900 pushpin locations on map point that I would like to export to excel. I have exported the data and have it linked to the spreadsheet that I am using. Now the issue I am running into to is this. I need to be able to get the driving (not lat / lon as a crow flys) distance from a location in (example) A2 -> D2 -> F2 and have it give me the driven distance in cell I2. A fix for this would be greatly appreciated seeing that LAT / LON distance is close, but not close enough. Thanks

  • Kelsey

    Drilling down a little more – It just started working if I use the “drawing” tools, but how do I export a ‘route’s stops’? I am gathering the pins within X miles from the route, and adding them as stops. How can I export those into excel?

  • yannick

    how can i export my Pushpin set to excel with lat/lon coordinates?

    • I assume the pushpins were not created with longitude,latitude coordinates? If they were, the above instructions should work.

      To get longitude,latitude coordinates from a dataset that was not created with them, you will need a third party tool, such as Pushpin Tool (which we no longer sell), or MPExporter – our MapPoint export add-in. MPexporter v1.2 (currently in beta testing) has an option to export all datasets to Excel, including longitude,latitude coordinates.

  • Paulo Rodrigues

    Hello all.
    I´ve just made a drivetime zone in MapPoint, and i would like to know if it´s possible to export to excel ONLY the pushpins that are inside of this drivetime zone.
    Can anyone answer this?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Jim Perry

    IS there a way to draw a number of radius areas (circle, rectangle, freeform etc.) and select multiple to export to excel? I only been able to do it with one instance. The enbd result would be an aggregate excel file that summarizes each contained area.

    Make sense? Thanks, J

  • Nan

    Hi Richard,
    I use Newport Beach, CA as the center point and searched for nearby places(restaurants)within a 20 miles circle. There are thousands of restaurants showed and I want to export those restaurants with Name and detailed info(address & phone)to Excel. Is there a way to do that?
    So far I can only export ‘my pushpins’. Unless I create a pushpin for each restaurant (which already is a pushpin but not ‘my pushpin’ yet)and copy the title and other info into my pushpin, I have no idea how to export them.
    Please help me either make all the restaurants my pushpin or other ways to export it.

    Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Kathryn

    Hi Richard,
    Do you know if it is possible to export the results for “Add Pushpins As Stops” into excel. I would like to see the addresses listed in the walking order.

  • Hi..we have Microsoft Map point 2013. I have a slight problem with exporting the route to excel. When I have optimised my route. I highlight the mapped pushpins. Right click to export to excel. When I open it up.. the spreadsheet isn’t in the optimised route as previously created in Map point.

    Any help much appreciated

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