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As well as being able to plot data according to pre-defined areas (e.g. counties and zip codes), it is possible to define territories. As their name suggests, territories can be used to divide the map into areas. For example, a common application for territories are sales territories. The Data Import Wizard can plot data by territory. Territories can also be used to export pushpins and places.

Territories are defined in terms of existing administrative areas or ‘geographies’. For example, they can be defined using groups of zip codes or counties. This greatly simplifies territory definitions and plotting, but it can be too restrictive for many applications. Many users would prefer to assign territories that cut across administrative areas and/or are aligned with roads. Arbitrary territory shapes that cut across these administrative or geographic areas can only be created by drawing shape annotation on the map.

Territories can be created from external data files and they can be created manually using the mouse. After creating your territories, you can export their definitions (i.e. component areas) can be exported to Excel for use in reports and other applications.

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