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MapPoint Versions


MapPoint is available in two geographic editions: North America, and Europe. The European edition is available in five languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The language differences extend beyond the user interface to include different spellings of geographic locations, and hence are sold as separate products.

MapPoint is also available with and without a GPS receiver device. The model of GPS device varies from year to year, but all of these supplied devices are compatible with the latest versions of MapPoint.

Each release includes data and map updates. Here is a short summary of the different releases (numbers in parenthesis refer to the internal object model version):

  • MapPoint 2013  (19.0)
    • Latest version.
    • Updated map data and points of interest.
    • New features include: Metro-style toolbar buttons; and online reviews (see New Features in MapPoint 2013)
  • MapPoint 2011 (18.0)
    • Updated map data and points of interest
  • MapPoint 2010 (17.0)
  • MapPoint 2009 (16.0)
  • MapPoint 2006 (13.0)
  • MapPoint 2004 (11.0)
    • Improvements (including new API functions) for OSGB (UK) map coordinates
    • Additional pushpins (336 total)
  • MapPoint 2002 (9.0)
    • Major update in functionality
    • Major improvements to API functionality
    • Office XP style interface
  • MapPoint 2001
    • Data update
  • MapPoint 2000
    • Initial release

9 comments to MapPoint Versions

  • Mike de Jong

    My customer has been using MapPoint 2006 and all users have v13.00.18.1200 (determined automatically) installed. Is there any way of telling whether this is the North American or European version without asking everybody? Are the executables for the European and North American editions exactly the same?

  • NicoleM

    does anyone know how to get mappoint to update/refresh using a updated excel worksheet? at the moment I have to reconstruct the map every time I add a set of data.



    • Use the Link Data Wizard instead of the Import Wizard.

      This will retain a reference to the original source along with the import parameters. Then with a single click you can refresh the MapPoint dataset from the worksheet. Note that you cannot move the Excel workbook: If you do, the link will be broken.

  • Ricardo

    Can a French version be turned to English?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Heather

    I’m new, can someone please advise? I just started a new job dispatching for a service company and am tasked with enabling the “mapping” feature on our dESCO software which my company wants to finally start using. dESCO says we need Map Point 2010 or higher to enable mapping. We have Map Point 2009, and I need to upgrade to 2010 or higher.

    Since Map Point is now discontinued, am I barking up a futile tree? I’m hoping there may be a way to do this!

    Any info is extremely welcome, and I’m extremely grateful for your help.



    • Yes Microsoft have withdrawn MapPoint but many retailers still have it available. Look at the Amazon link on the right, or try the links on this page.

      I don’t know dESCO, but I would also check with them to see what their longer term plans are. They are probably planning to replace their MapPoint extension with something else.

      For ourselves, we are recommending that people move to Caliper Maptitude.

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