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Transferring data to/from a navigation device


GPX Files

MapPoint can import data and export data to a navigation device (satnavpersonal navigation device, or PND) using GPX (‘GPS eXchange Format‘) files. Do this by selecting Import GPX file… or Export to GPX file… on the Data menu. Both menu items will display a standard Windows file selection dialog box, so that you can select the GPX file to use.

MapPoint will import/export the following types of data to/from a GPX file:

  • Routes: An ordered list of points including directions
  • Waypoints: An unordered list of points. Eg. Pushpins
  • Trails: GPS tracks
  • Metadata: Author, keywords, data bounds, and copyright restrictions.

MapPoint will also include search results and pushpin information in an exported GPX file. It is incapable of exporting non-pushpin datasets (including territories) or shapes.

The GPX format is an XML schema that is used by a range of software applications and GPS navigation devices. It can be used to record information in the field, and to annotate maps. Consult the documentation for your device in order to determine the GPX support that it provides.

Direct Transfer

If your navigation device is a Garmin product or if it has MSN Direct enabled, it is also possible to transfer a location or route directly. Plug your device into your PC. If it is recognized properly, Send to GPS device should be enabled on the Tools menu. Select this to send the currently selected route or location.  Alternatively, select Send route to GPS device… on the popup menu that appears after right clicking on a route.

If your device has MSN Direct enabled, you can transfer this information wirelessly by selecting Send to mobie phone on either the Tools menu or the popup-up menu that appears when you right click on a route.

1 comment to Transferring data to/from a navigation device

  • Julian Scott

    I have a 2016 Peugeot 308 1.2Hdi, the new shape. I used to use an old Garmin Nuvi GPS, I could plan a route on my PC then transfer it, or the waypoints, to the Nuvi. The GPS unit integral with the car is fine but I cannot find a way to load a route or waypoints that I have created on the PC into the vehicle unit, sitting in the car and manually entering the waypoint coordinates is very time consuming when planning a three week trip.

    Is there no way I can transfer the data as a GPX file, there is a USB socket on the car and the dealer must be able to get at unit to upgrade the maps, any ideas.

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