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Setting the Start-up Map


It is possible to set the map template that MapPoint loads at start-up. This poorly documented feature can be used to set the intial map view. Alternatively, in a corporate setting, it could be used to ensure all maps have the same base map data (e.g. business locations) pre-plotted. To do this you will first need to create a map template (with file extension ptt) with the necessary information.

In MapPoint 2006 and earlier, this template should be saved to the Templates\ directory in the main MapPoint directory. For example, in MapPoint 2006, this is typically “C:\Program Files\Microsoft MapPoint 2006\Templates\

The template file should be named “New North American Map.ptt” or “New European Map.ptt” according to your geographic edition.

MapPoint 2009 uses the same file names, but conforms to Windows Vista / Windows 7 data requirements and looks for the default template in a sub-directory of the Application Data directory. On a Windows XP system, this directory will be something like:

The “17.0” refers to the version number. MapPoint 2009 uses version 16.0, MapPoint 2010 uses version 17.0, and MapPoint 2011 uses version 18.0.

The default template may be located in the same location on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems, but it can also be located at:

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