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Microsoft MapPoint supports a total of forty different colors for use in drawing, annotation, and custom pushpin symbols. Although the programming interface appears to support the standard 3 byte (=16777216 different) colors, in reality these numbers merely provide a useful way to specify the color to use. The reduced palette of only 40 colors ensures that colors really are different, and also ensures fast image updates.

The following table lists all 40 colors. Microsoft MapPoint will accept different color designations, but it will use the closest matching color from this list.

Red Green Blue Color Name
0x99 0x33 0x66
0xFF 0x99 0xCC
0xFF 0x00 0xFF Fuchsia
0x80 0x00 0x80 Purple
0xCC 0x99 0xFF
0x00 0x00 0xFF Blue
0x00 0x00 0x80 Navy
0x33 0x33 0x99
0x66 0x66 0x99
0x33 0x66 0xFF
0x00 0x33 0x66
0x99 0xCC 0xFF
0x00 0xCC 0xFF
0x00 0xFF 0xFF Aqua
0x00 0x80 0x80 Teal
0x33 0xCC 0xCC
0xCC 0xFF 0xFF
0x33 0x99 0x66
0x00 0xFF 0x00 Lime
0x00 0x80 0x00 Green
0x00 0x33 0x00
0xCC 0xFF 0xCC
0x99 0xCC 0x00
0xFF 0xFF 0x00 Yellow
0x80 0x80 0x00 Olive
0x33 0x33 0x00
0xFF 0xFF 0x99
0xFF 0xCC 0x00
0xFF 0x99 0x00
0xFF 0xCC 0x99
0xFF 0x66 0x00
0x99 0x33 0x00
0xFF 0x00 0x00 Red
0x80 0x00 0x00 Maroon
0xFF 0xFF 0xFF White
0xC0 0xC0 0xC0 Silver
0x96 0x96 0x96
0x80 0x80 0x80 Gray
0x33 0x33 0x33
0x00 0x00 0x00 Black

The names are from the HTML 4.01 specification. Note that the above 40 colors are a subset of the “web-safe” 216 color palette which was popular when the first versions of MapPoint were released. These colors do not correspond to the X11 names which were adopted by the CSS standard.

The individual red, green, and blue components are byte (0..255) values. They are listed here as hexadecimal values for convenience. For example 0xFF (#ff) is 255 decimal.

To convert the above colors to web ‘#’ codes, simply remove the 0x prefixes and add a #. For example Olive becomes #808000.

As well as the RGB (red,green,blue) components used by MapPoint, computer colors can be represented using HSL (hue,saturation,lightness) or HSV (hue,saturation,value). These are discussed more on the Maptitude Predefined Palettes page.

We also have a list of the MapPoint dataset color schemes.


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