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Microsoft MapPoint was the main geospatial product from Microsoft. Targeted at typical business (‘Microsoft Office’) users, it was an affordable business mapping application.

Although MapPoint may not have the full functionality of a GIS system such as Maptitude, it shipped with its own up-to-date road, address, and demographic datasets. This combination made MapPoint a very affordable alternative for a wide range of business applications.

These pages demonstrate how to use MapPoint to its full capabilities. Each function and feature is described, along with caveats and potential problems. Differences between the different versions are also explained.

Microsoft have announced that MapPoint 2013 is the last version and will be removed from sale at the end of 2014. Support will be provided until at least June 2015. We continue to sell and support our various extensions for Microsoft MapPoint.

We recommend that users looking for a new geospatial solution, should take a serious look at Maptitude. We are currently porting many of our MapPoint products to Maptitude, and will be producing completely new add-ins in 2015.

2 comments to MapPoint

  • Tom Longbotham


    I realize that MapPoint is a dead product but I have a client who insists on continuing to use it. I have a program which produces shaded maps representing territory information based on census tract geography in the US. In order to see the full territory it is necessary to go to some pretty high altitudes from which to view the map. If the altitude exceeds approximately 490 miles the census tracts are not displayed. I do the same thing with Canadian data using FSAs for the geography and do not see any altitude limitations at all. The census tracts themselves are not too small to be seen from these higher elevations. Are you aware of any way to work around this seemingly arbitrary restriction?


    • No not a true workaround, however you good better “high res” display with the extents of a zoomed-out view by using Mattys Consulting’s Printing Services. They can produce electronic printouts (eg to bitmaps or PDF) or to PDF of large extent maps but with zoomed-in detail. For your customer, this is probably only practical for occasional maps?

      Yes moving to something with upto date data and more functionality if the way forward for the future. Maptitude 2016 (released last week) adds new territory features…

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