FetchRoadSpeeds Utility

The FetchRoadSpeeds uility is a free utility that finds the summary road speed data for a country's Maptitude® data pack. This road speed data is used by the Maptitude versions of MileCharter and MPMileage to provide sensible default road speeds. It is also published online in the Road Types section of this site.

If you are running either MileCharter or MPMileage for Maptitude with a country that is not listed below, please consider downloading and installing the FetchRoadSpeeds utility. The utility installs as an add-in, so start Maptitude with the country in question, and then start the add-in. Email the resulting data file to us. The file is a text file so you can examine the contents if you wish.

The following FetchRoadSpeeds files are available for download:

NameVersionRelease DateSizeDownload Link
FetchRoadSpeeds Utility
(self installing)
v1.2 22nd Aug. '17 719KB Download Now!

The FetchRoadSpeeds Utility requires Caliper Maptitude 2014 Build 2835 (or later) and Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 (or later).

Latest Changes

Version 1.2 Support for country names with punctuation characters.

Version 1.1 Support for Maptitude 2016 added.

Version 1.0 Initial version.

Countries already included in MileCharter and MPMileage

The following countries have default road speeds defined in MileCharter for Maptitude:

If you would like to see your country on this list, run FetchRoadSpeeds and send us the resulting speed file.